We make checkout accurate

checklens corrects Checkout errors

Smart cameras in the store support your customers at the checkout process.

Our A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) recognizes products when picked from the shelf and matches customer scans with recognitions. The system corrects missing or incorrect scans on mobile devices (Scan & Go) as well as on fixed checkout terminals.

Works for any type of product. Works with any checkout type.

Reduce customer stress and attendant interventions with accurate baskets.

Checklens, THE A.I. company from Salzburg, Austria, has been honoured as “Top Supplier Retail 2021” in the new category “Best AI and Robotics Application” by the EHI Retail Institute in Cologne at the reta awards.

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Correct scan errors at checkout.


Correct scan errors on sales floor.


Automatic input for fresh items.

Cash Handelsforum Preis 2021

Regain store profitability with fewer
errors and accurate baskets.

Why us?

A.I. Experts

+70 experts in product recognition.

+200 research publications.


+2mio products active in recognition.

+3 Terabyte daily video analysis.

Privacy Protection

GDPR compliant and privacy by design.

A.I. without privacy compromise.

awards and accreditations checklens