Corrects scan errors at checkout terminals.

Self-checkout increases shrinkage.

While self-checkout terminals are beneficial in general, your customers are still overstrained with barcode scanning. Scan errors occur for various reasons through stressed and forgetful customers as well as conscious and fraudulent behaviour.

Our data analysis has shown us that scan errors significantly increase store loss and lead to an additional 50% increase in shrinkage. We know that store shrinkage rises with increasing usage rate of self-checkout terminals.

Our smart cameras help you to correct scan errors at the self-checkout and to keep your stock accurate.

NEW SCO shrinkage


How check:scan works


Our smart camera recognizes all products at checkout.


Our A.I. matches visual recognitions with scan data from your POS.


If a customer does not scan or input an article, our A.I. system reminds the customer to correct the basket and notifies the attendant.

Check:scan helps you reduce scan-loss at self-checkouts.


The benefits of using check:scan


Fewer errors.
Less stress.


Higher profit.
Accurate stock.


Fewer interventions.
Less eye-control.


The unique features of check:scan

  • Recognizes all types of scan errors.
  • Works for an unlimited number of SKU.
  • Updates product range automatically.
  • Protects customer data.
  • Integrates with your POS.
  • Works real-time and offline.